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Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is a Skilled and Respected Psychiatrist

Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is a skilled and respected psychiatrist who, for many years, has worked in the field in the United Kingdom This is where he lives and works. It is also where Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is licensed and registered as a Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is recognized by the United Kingdom General Medical Council as a Consultant Psychiatrist. Additionally, Dr. Jeczmien is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the main professional organization of psychiatrists in the U.K.

Today, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien acts as the Lead Consultant in the Integrated Governance Team in Recovery Services working within WAMHS, which is also known as Working Age Mental Health Services. Dr. Jeczmien reports directly to the Clinical Director and serves as his de facto deputy on the team in this role. The Integrated Governance Team is basically just a small organization, an assortment of senior professionals in a number of fields who have some experience with delivering care.

Dr. Pablo Jeczmien understands the changes to the Health Services system more keenly than most, so he also understands how Mental Health Services is going to be effected by the changes. Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is also an honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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